ICC International Umpire Accreditation Program


5.5 Over rates

Competent: No
Competence Required
The umpire demonstrates:
Observation or video evidence, with date Further professional development required Assessor Competent
His ability to effectively monitor over rates, and minimize delays No

ICC International Umpire Accreditation Program


Umpire progress

Section Progress
5.1 Managing and resolving conflict
5.2 Communication
5.3 Ground, weather and light
5.4 Pre series meetings
5.5 Over rates
5.6 Substitutes

5.5 Over rates


All ICC Foundation Modules are competency based. They describe the behaviours that you need to demonstrate in order to be accredited. The evidence of successfully demonstrating theses behaviour may be:

  • Observational: as observed, and noted, by a National Umpire Manager appointed coach
  • Video-based: video evidence of your behaviours demonstrated in a match
  • A combination of observation and video-based evidence

5.5 Over rates

You must successfully demonstrate:
Your ability to effectively monitor over rates, and minimize delays

ICC expects its umpires to monitor and ‘push’ the teams to ensure the required hourly / daily over rate is achieved. There are many causes for delays and stoppages, some of which can be minimised through effective pre-match inspection and preparation. Teams are also provided with allowances to their bowling innings time for acts beyond their control. However, there are many things the umpires can do to facilitate the pace of play. ICC expects the PCT to effectively communicate over rate progress with the captains on a very regular basis and provide them with an opportunity to rectify their pace.

Most ICC umpires are now updating fielding captains on an hourly basis as to their progress and issuing warnings / penalties should the fielding team’s tactics are intentionally slowing the game down. ICC umpires are to:

• Record delays and stoppages accurately

• Advise the captain frequently (at least at the end of each session, hourly)

• Record when the captain has been told / updated

• Apply the ‘pace of play’ document

• Issue warnings / on field penalties for deliberate delaying tactics