ICC International Umpire Accreditation Program


5.4 Pre series meetings

Competent: No
Competence Required
The umpire demonstrates:
Observation or video evidence, with date Further professional development required Assessor Competent
His ability to make a positive and professional contribution to pre-series meetings No

ICC International Umpire Accreditation Program


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5.1 Managing and resolving conflict
5.2 Communication
5.3 Ground, weather and light
5.4 Pre series meetings
5.5 Over rates
5.6 Substitutes

5.4 Pre series meetings


All ICC Foundation Modules are competency based. They describe the behaviours that you need to demonstrate in order to be accredited. The evidence of successfully demonstrating theses behaviour may be:

  • Observational: as observed, and noted, by a National Umpire Manager appointed coach
  • Video-based: video evidence of your behaviours demonstrated in a match
  • A combination of observation and video-based evidence

5.4 Pre-series Meetings

You must successfully demonstrate:
Your ability to make a positive and professional contribution to pre-series meetings

Effective match management starts before the match begins and ICC expects its umpires to set up effective match management with a sound pre series meeting with the captains and managers. The Umpires should prepare to discuss a series of topics that will cover:

    • How contentious playing conditions will be interpreted / applied,

• What the umpires expect from the Captains and players on any current issues (e.g. Over rates, or behaviour)

• Any new regulations or playing conditions

• Be available for any questions / concerns from either team


This pre-series meeting is an opportunity to build a working relationship with the captains and team managers in a ‘non-threatening’ environment. It is also an opportunity for the Umpire to build respect and credibility based on their ability to lead and discuss a topic in a group session. Participation in this session is seen as an important leadership role within the ICC match officiating community.